What is Dima?

Dima exists to make sexual health easier and more accessible to everyone. On our website, you can consult a physician, request prescriptions, and shop for medicine.  No more scheduling appointments to see a doctor, no more long waits in a hospital, and no more having to go to a drugstore in person. We make access to medical information, prescriptions, and personal products easier, simpler, and judgment-free.

Where does the name Dima come from?

Dima is derived from Diyan Masalanta, the Tagalog goddess of love, childbirth, and peace, and the protector of lovers. At Dima, we carry Diyan Maslantala’s values with us through our mission to protect lovers by making sexual health information, prescriptions, and products more accessible for everyone. Because safe sex is good sex.

How does it work?

Our process is straightforward and completely private. Everything is done through your own computer and/or cellphone.

Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Make your Dima account or proceed as a guest.

Step 2: Choose the product/s you want to order.

Step 3: If you’ve chosen a prescription product, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire. This form will be reviewed by our doctors to make sure you get a product that is the safest and best option for you.

Step 4: Proceed to checkout.

Step 5: If our doctors approve your order, your order will be shipped to an address of your choice. If our physicians deny your application for any reason, your order, excluding the consultation fee, will be fully refunded. You will be provided with the reason for the denied request and be given the best next steps to meet your needs.

Step 6: Delivery! Currently, the entire process from purchase to delivery takes 1-2 business days for Metro Manila/Antipolo and 3-10 business days for the rest of the Philippines, though often less.

Do I have to see a doctor before I can purchase anything from Dima?

No! Making access to healthcare easier is one of our core missions at Dima so we’ve made telemedicine one of our key services. This way, you can get a prescription and make an order from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Simply fill in the online questionnaire when you order prescription products and our doctors will review your case for free!

Note: We do not aim to replace physicians. If you have a physician you are comfortable with, we always recommend you visit them, but that is not a requirement to order from us.

Is there an age restriction to buy products on Dima?

Following legal guidelines, our prescription products are age-restricted for safety. If you’re under 18 and believe you need these products, we strongly recommend that you visit a physician. If you are under 18 and have a valid prescription, we will be able to fill your order. Currently, our prescription products are for erectile dysfunction and birth control.

What if I already have a prescription?

All the better. As long as the prescription has not yet been filled, we’ll be happy to use your existing prescription to fill your order.

Please remember that prescriptions may only be used for the quantity listed by your doctor and cannot be reused.


Why do I need to make an account?

You actually don’t need to create an account. That said, user accounts allow us to ensure that the products we provide are being delivered to the correct person and in the correct amounts. They also make prescription refill requests much easier to complete.

Is my information on Dima safe?

Yes, privacy is very important to us. All of our data is encrypted to keep your information secure, and none of your data on our site is provided to outside parties.

How do I change my password?

Your password can be changed on your profile page.

Can I change my email?

Your email can be changed on your profile page.

How do I update my shipping address and telephone number?

You can make these changes on your profile page.

How do I add/remove my credit card information?

These changes can also be made on your profile page.


What are the payment options available on Dima?

We use DragonPay as our payment partner and accept bank transfers, Bancnet, over the counter payments, GCash, payments through 7-Eleven, credit card, and PayPal. We also accept cash on delivery.

Are payments secure?

From the website of our payment provider, DragonPay: Dragonpay uses industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to protect the transmission of your data from your browser to our server. This is the same encryption technology used by all financial institutions worldwide.  We do not store your online banking ID and password.

How quickly will I get my purchases?

1-2 business days for Metro Manila/Antipolo and 3-10 business days for the rest of the Philippines. But we always try and get them to you sooner!

How much does shipping cost?

Metro Manila: 100PHP,

Luzon: 120PHP,

Visayas: 140PHP,

Mindanao 160PHP.

Where does Dima ship to? Nationwide!

How do I check the status of my order?

Unfortunately, we do not yet have a tracker for outside Metro Manila/Antipolo but send us a message and we will direct you to our courier’s website so you can track your order. For orders within Metro Manila and Antipolo, our rider will text/call you when on their way to you.

What is Dima’s return policy?

If you receive the wrong package or a damaged package please contact us at support@dima.ph. Send us a message explaining the problem and we will remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

How do refunds work?

If you’ve placed an order but our doctors decide the prescription is not the best fit for you, your order will be fully refunded.

If you have an issue with your order please contact us at support@dima.ph and we will do our best to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

“My order was lost/stolen/missing something!” Please contact us at support@dima.ph so we can help track your order or get a replacement order to you as soon as possible.


Somebody, not necessarily you, needs to sign the delivery receipt.


Not at the moment, but we hope to have pick-up hubs available soon.


Are your products tested and regulated?

What makes Dima’s products different from products found on other e-commerce sites? One of Dima’s missions is to provide convenient access to SAFE medicine. With this in mind, all our prescription products have been tested and have gone through the rigorous FDA registration process. Most, if not all, other e-commerce companies for similar items provide products that haven’t gone through this same extensive process. These unregulated products are often counterfeit, can contain literally anything, and are often unsafe for consumers. Some confiscated goods have even been found to contain ingredients like commercial grade paint and printer ink!

At Dima, we promise to provide only safe, tested, and FDA-approved prescription products, because your health and safety are our number one priority.

Why does Dima carry generic brands?

Are generic products as safe and effective as name brand products? On top of being committed to providing safe and effective products, we also believe that healthcare should be affordable. Generic products help make this possible.

But not all generic products are created equal. Some products available in less regulated settings, both on and offline, claim to be generic versions but are actually counterfeit medicines that can be very dangerous. This is why all of our generic prescription products have gone through the same tests as our name-brand competitors, are licensed by the FDA, and have the same active ingredients and efficacy as the more expensive name-brand options.

What products does Dima carry?

We are currently focused on reproductive health and lifestyle products. We carry five different kinds of oral contraceptive pills, generic Viagra (sildenafil), condoms, pregnancy tests, lubricants, and menstrual health products. We also hope to add to our basket of products very soon, so stay tuned!

Who can buy products on Dima?

Our products are available to anyone seeking them, with the caveat that our attending physicians must first deem any ordered prescription products safe for your use. At the moment, we are also unable to sell prescription products to anyone under 18 or for off-label uses unless presented with an existing prescription from your physician. In cases where a valid prescription already exists, we’ll be happy to provide you the medicine you’re looking for.

How do I store my products?

Every product is different. Please see the product information insert found inside the box.

I’m worried that I’m experiencing side-effects from products I purchased from Dima. What do I do?

This depends on the product and the side effects. Please look at the product inserts to learn more.  Please take special note of the listed side-effects that are serious and require an immediate visit to the emergency room.

For OCPs, we recommend sticking to the product for 2-3 months unless you experience intolerable side effects. It often takes this amount of time for a body to adjust to this new medication.

What happens in a Dima consultation?

How much does consulting a doctor and getting a prescription cost? Our consultations consist of a questionnaire filled out by you and reviewed by a Dima partner physician. This process costs only PHP100.00 on Dima versus the PHP500.00 to PHP2,000.00 you would spend seeing a doctor in person.

Do I need to consult a doctor every time I purchase from Dima?

No! You only need to fill out a medical form for our doctors to review. We do this to ensure your safety. For follow-up purchases, and if you have an account, you will not need to fill up the questionnaire again for another 12 months.

How can I change the kind or dosage of a prescription product I receive from Dima?

For OCPs, we recommend sticking to the product for 2-3 months unless you experience intolerable side effects. You won’t need to get a new prescription for changing your pill.