The birth control pill is one of the most commonly used types of birth control available. Could it be the birth control for you?


Dima offers four different birth control pill options: Cybelle, Liza, Lizelle, and Protec. These are generic versions of name brand pills of Diane 35, Yazmin, Yaz, and Lady pills, respectively. Our pills have the same active ingredients and effectiveness as these name-brand alternatives but without the hefty price tag.

Below is general information on the pill, as well as specific information on each of the options we carry.



Hormonal birth control pills come in two types: Combined Oral Contraceptives (COCs) aka combination pills, which use a combination of estrogen and progestin hormones; and mini-pills, which only contain progestin. Mini-pills are a good option for women who want to use the pill but are sensitive to estrogen. At the moment, Dima only carries COC options.


COCs work by stopping ovulation, meaning the egg is kept from leaving your ovaries and thus isn’t available to be fertilized. Another effect of the pill is the thickening of the cervical mucus and uterus lining, which makes it more difficult for sperm to travel.

While the pill is an effective contraceptive, it does NOT protect you from STIs or STDs.



To use the pill, simply take one pill a day at the same time every day. The most common pack size is the 21-day pack, which have 3 weeks’ worth of hormone pills and 1 week’s worth of reminder/placebo pills. Your period will occur during the 4th week.


Effectiveness: It can take up to 7 days of taking the pill before you’re protected from pregnancy. When used perfectly, the pill is 99% effective. However, not taking the pill at the same time every day and/or taking certain medications while on the pill can lower its efficacy.


When starting a new medication or supplement, make sure to for any effects it may have on your birth control. This information is available in the product insert included with the pills. Until you know for sure, it’s safest to use an additional birth control method.


Pro-tip: It’s very easy to forget to take your pill every day and at the same time. A daily alarm can really help keep you on schedule! You can also ask your partner to set an alarm with you or, if you have friends also taking the pill, you can sync your dosage times so you can remind each other. Teamwork makes the dream work!


If you miss one dose (excluding placebo pills), simply take it as soon as you remember and then get back on schedule for the next dose. Talk to your healthcare provider about what to do if you miss two or more doses in a month. 

If you miss one or more doses, make sure to use an additional backup contraceptive until you’re able to start a new pack of birth control pills!



The Good: If your period is irregular, the pill can definitely help to fix this. It can also ease PMS and dysmenorrhea, shorten and/or lighten bleeding, help prevent and treat ovarian cysts, and help with acne.


The Not-So-Good: While not everyone experiences side effects and they often subside after the first few months, those considering the pill should expect the possibility of weight gain/loss, lowered sex drive, sore breasts, hair loss, moodiness, depression, anxiety, headaches, and spotting.



Dima offers two 21-pack and two 28-pack combination pill options. Our options are all generic versions of name brand options, meaning you get the same effectiveness, but without breaking the bank.

      • Cybelle (generic version of Diane 35): composed of 21 pills per pack. Its medical component are cyproterone acetate + ethinyl estradiol 2mg/35mcg.
      • Liza (generic version of Yasmin): composed of 21 pills per pack. Its medical components are drospirenone + ethinyl estradiol 3mg/30mcg
      • Lizelle (generic version of Yaz): composed of 28 pills per pack. Its medical components are drospirenone + ethinyl estradiol 3mg/20mcg
      • Protec (generic version of Lady): composed of 28 pills per pack. Its medical components are levonorgestrel + ethinyl estradiol 150mcg/30mcg ferrous fumarate 60mg